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Are you and your staff overwhelmed by the rising number of repetitive customer questions and digital-first customers wanting it “now”?
Does your business receive a huge number of calls, emails, and messages, and a significant part of the time is lost due to repeating the same information in response to customers and partners?
Is your business challenged by a lack of employees or high turnover that affects customer service and cost?

The best time to implement an AI digital assistant is now!

Still not sure?

Easy to add
Implement it on your website – it’s a copy/paste job.
Make smart decisions
Get back INSIGHTS about your customers’ behavior and interests to be smart in your decisions and one step ahead of your competitors.

Do not fear customer communication automation. The human touch, the smile, and compassion will remain if there are people on duty. However, make an intelligent decision to remove routine from the life of your employees and customers, and decrease the cost of service and time waste, instead of:

Hiring more employees to catch up with the communication volume
Having more employees on duty to meet the customers’ expectations for 24/7 & Now
Spending more time and effort for staff training and keeping standards up

Basic chatbots have failed the business as buttons and links were not enough for customer service and support. Bots need to understand what customers ask and guide them to action. Conversational AI is the perfect addition to a chatbot or a voice bot to do that. Yet, getting one even today on your own is not a piece of cake on the well-advertised platforms, because:

It is still complicated to create even the basic parts of the bot
You need to hire someone to make integration with conversational AI platforms and other settings
Good luck understanding on your own how to train the conversational AI for your bot.

But there is a solution.

As easy as 1-2-3

Our technology
We’ve built the technology to create and maintain an AI digital assistant for your business as easily as possible without any technical skills for you to handle it. Yes, yourself, your team! Only the most important elements that do the job.

Get the top 10 questions and inquiries under the fingertips of your customers.

Create content that is navigated through scroll and clicks and complement your website by simply adding text, pictures, and links – for fast and convenient access.

“But I don’t have a website, only social media”

We have thought about that. You can generate a landing page for your AI digital assistant straight from our platform!

Create a form, or two (or more, as many as you need) to collect customer orders, inquiries, suggestions, etc. Collect name, e-mail, telephone, anything you need to perfectly assist your customer.

“Do you keep the customer data?”

No, we don’t. You will receive it instantly to your e-mail, even can get an SMS notification about it – and it will be gone from the AI digital assistant, forever.

Train your AI digital assistant to chat with your customers in 3 simple steps: choose a topic, provide a few sample questions, give an answer to it. Test it. Repeat. Do it for all FAQs.

“What if I do not understand this?”

Don’t’ worry. There are training tools for you in our platform and our team is here to help you do it right. If a beauty salon owner and a newly born baby’ mom can do it, you can do it too!

Be Smart!

Save time and resources by automating FAQ
Optimize staff performance by removing routine
Improve customer communication
Increase customer satisfaction
Get insights into your customers’ interests, needs, and behavior
Assist customers instantly, 24/7

How to be smart?
Get your business smart digital assistant on the company website and in the pockets of your customers and employees.


Statistics show that an employee spends on average 6 to 12 minutes in chat with each customer, which turns into hundreds and thousands of staff hours paid for the communication.

However, some 70% of the questions asked and tasks done during these communications are repetitive.

Check our case studies to find out how Umni customers are automating customer communication using AI digital assistants to save time and resources, improve customer support, optimize employee performance, and boost sales.

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