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We are the first specialized chatbot agency in Bulgaria that not only offers ChatBOT as part of our services. We are the first exclusive chatbot agency on the market.

Our chatbots can be integrated into the business website or opened directly in your messenger. Through our modules, your customers can search from the chatbot directly, for example, in your online store.

City Concierge: the Ultimate Assistant to Chat with and Experience THE CITY

We did it for Plovdiv City, the European Capital of Culture, we can do it for your city too!

City Concierge is an AI-powered city chatbot like a virtual Tourist Office in the mobile. It is there for the visitors 24/7 in Messenger and provides information about the city Point of Interests – the best to see, do and experience.

It is helpful on-the-go with real-time data about the weather, air quality, exchange calculator and more.

Chat with the city to feel home in every town you go to!
Never miss a Point of Interest!


Live chat with notification

The live chat with notification to the staff gives the customers the option to ask for conversation with employee of the business and the employee receives notification in Messenger and/or by email that there is a customer waiting in the chatbot.

The customer can switch the live chat off and on with 1 click.

Controlled Access Area

Controlled Access Area option provides the business with the possibility to decide which customers have access to a specific information.

This option is useful for Customer Loyalty programs, Partnership programs, Resellers program and other.

Virtual concierge

Search in a database of pre-selected locations around the hotel, such as restaurants, bars, theaters, banks, and more.

NLP Module

NLP module (natural language processing), enables your bot to be much clever and not using just keywords



Answer customers immediately, correctly and professionally

Saves Resources

Saves staff hours by answering the most frequently asked questions

Easy to use

It does not require customers to install additional software, configure settings, or special skills.

Available 24/7

UmniBot has no day off. It will be available to your customers 24/7

Speaks the client's language

He is multi-language. He speaks the languages chosen by the business


It gives new opportunities for sales and marketing


the process


Contact us for more information and to discuss how UmniBot can help your business, your customers and staff.

Planning the features and functionalities of your UmniBot. Technical specification approval. Proposal.

Congratulations for your smart decision to be among the first in your industry! It is time to create your UmniBot. From you - the information (texts for the script, pictures, etc.), from us – creating your virtual assistant from scratch and teaching him to understand the first words. We will be with you in every task on the way.

It is time to test your UmniBot in Messenger before it says “Hi!” to your customers. Don’t forget, we will keep teaching him!

Voilà! Your virtual assistant is at work and ready to communicate with the world. Think about how your customers will find him. Be proactive!

We will take care for your chatbot – for its technical maintenance, updates and education. Each month it will get smarter and more helpful to your business, customers and staff.

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Here’s what the world thinks about the chatbots

% of the business that will trust chatbots by 2020
% of the clients that don't care if the service is provided by chatbot or a human
% of the clients that would buy a service trough chatbot
% of consumers who expect a brand or organization to offer a self-service support portal or frequently asked questions (FAQ) page
% of customers who prefer messaging over other forms of customer service


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Umni’s chatbot Boris was listed in Impact Ventures Mapping Report 2020

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Umni in Trending Topics list for “rising stars”

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Umni with a presentation on visioning at the Military Academy

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Umni among the 5 most innovative enterprises in Bulgaria

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