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From 2018, our chatbots save hundreds of hours to the staff by digitizing communication with clients, and automating frequently asked questions and routine tasks.

First Chatbot Agency Umni simplifies and speeds up the creation, implementation, and maintenance of AI chatbot by providing businesses with an affordable platform, MyBot, for chatbot content and functionality management. Umni works with government organizations, foreign and Bulgarian private businesses from various industries – finance, tourism and hospitality, services, medicine and beauty, trade, and more.

In 2019, Umni created Plovdiv City Concierge – the first “smart” city chatbot-concierge in Bulgaria, for Plovdiv as the European Capital of Culture.

Umni is a graduate of one of the largest and most challenging startup accelerators in Silicon Valley, The Founder Institute (2018) and successfully completed the startup accelerator for tourism technologies Next Floor Tec in Tourism in Salzburg, Austria (2019).

In November 2019, Umni was included in the Founder Institute Select Portfolio – an elite collection of the top 2% of companies that graduated from this accelerator with the greatest potential for rapid growth and turning into a sustainable, global business. Umni is among the 5 companies from Eastern Europe and a total of 36 companies from Europe included in this elite portfolio (a total of 207 companies worldwide, by the end of 2019).

Umni can help your company and team to improve customer service, never miss questions or inquiries from customers, increase their satisfaction, improve the internal efficiency of the business, optimize the staff work and performance and reach a higher standard of service needed for every business to survive and grow in the new digital age.


Best Hotels and Restaurant Software 2019
3rd Nat’l Conference for Smart Tourism SMARTOURISM.BG (2019)
Innovation in Tourism 2018
BATI 2018 (Balkan Awards in the Tourism Industry)
Umni City Concierge: in the top 5 innovative tourism projects in Bulgaria
Innovation Category, Annual Awards of the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria (2019)