REVERSE Clinic – Chatbot Case Study

Reverse - Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic

The first Bulgarian digital aesthetic consultant

Author: Poliq Georgieva
Job Title: Marketing Department
Company Name: Reverse - Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic
About the company

REVERSE Sofia is a clinic for aesthetic and clinical dermatology, founded by Dr. Rositsa Dencheva. The clinic offers a wide range of services such as custom-made rejuvenation programs, complete face, and body aesthetic care, as well as treatment and prevention of dermatological diseases.

REVERSE is a place where dermatology and quality aesthetic care is the core mission. Our indisputable professionalism, high-tech equipment, and first-class products create beauty that has no expiration date.

  • 80% of messages in the social networks - not answered
  • One conversation takes 15-20 minutes
    For 11 months
  • Saved 1460 hours or 60 days teamwork

As a medical-oriented dermatology practice, our social networking account has been snowed under with dozens of inquiries related to the procedures we offer and solutions to specific problems by our users on a daily basis.

In order to respond quickly and effectively to all users, it was more than necessary to digitize the process.

Following Dr. Ross's programming, incoming user requests receive an immediate response. In most cases, these lead to appointments for a dermatological examination or aesthetic procedure

- What was the problem (s) you were looking solution for?

Active user queries that went unanswered.
A new way to make an appointment.

- How has this issue (s) affected your business and your customers?

Prior to the introduction of the Chabot, 80% of the incoming social network inquiries went unanswered which cost an 80% outflow of new patients. In addition, each answered message used to take 15-20 minutes to our Account Management, which led to team overload and low work efficiency.

Using a Chatbot gives the patients another quick and efficient way to make an appointment for a dermatological examination or aesthetic procedure.

- What would happen if you didn't implement a chatbot?

The inquiries of our patients would remain unanswered.

- What other alternative solutions to the problem (s) have you discussed?

We have not discussed any alternatives.

- What risks did you expect related to the chosen solution (chatbot)?

The main issue of using chatbots is that the users do not tend to communicate with them much because they are artificial intelligence. This could possibly dissuade some users from proceeding with the chat.

- Why did you choose a chatbot as a solution to your problem (s), what motivated you?

Chatbots are the virtual assistants of the future, used by many messaging applications such as Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and more. Furthermore, messaging is the preferred method of communication today which makes the Chatbot an indispensable assistant in any business.

In addition, Chatbot saves time and reduces customer service costs, while increasing revenue, shortening the path to appointments, and it is available 24/7.

The conclusion is - one chatbot, many channels of communication.

- How do you use the chatbot?

Our virtual aesthetic consultant has targeted functionality in Messenger. The Chatbot responds automatically to every new message while starting a friendly conversation to get the data it needs. Dr. Ross sends users inquiries to a specific field and provides detailed information about them.

- How does the chatbot help solve the problem (s)?

By delaying responses, every business increases the risk of an outflow of customers who then turn to competitor brands. Working with the virtual assistant has enabled us to process about 8000 messages since the start of the project with Umni, which undoubtedly increased the interest of the users and the number of client inquiries as well as the consumption of our medical services.

According to the statistics, Dr. Ross has responded to 5,845 messages in the last 11 months. Its work has saved our team a total of 132.75 man-hours.

- What has changed for the business, the staff, and the customers since the implementation of the chatbot?

By using Chabot, we were able to quickly respond to our users' daily inquiries, while adding a new way to making an appointment, as well as easily and correctly run marketing campaigns with Messenger.

By creating an individual profile for each online client in accordance with GDPR requirements, the Virtual Assistant increased our online communication efficiency by 80%.

The Account Manager then had the opportunity to engage in other activities to improve the business rather than answering users’ inquiries.

- What benefits do you see from using the chatbot for the business, staff, and the customers?

Chatbot saves time for both users and our team. In just 11 months, the virtual assistant saved our team 1460 hours or 60 days of work.

Following the introduction of the aesthetic consultant, we have presented our users another opportunity to make an appointment that is just a few clicks away.

The collected database by the Chatbot gives us a clear view of our audience and its characteristics. We have specified the gender of the users who are interested in our services and when are they the most active.

The access to that statistics led to a clear assessment of how to model our future marketing plans and strategies.

- Statistics and other evidence to support the benefits and changes quoted (ex. staff time saved - hours, requests processed - quantity, increased volume of communication with customers – percentages, increased customer satisfaction – quotes, percentages; increased staff job satisfaction, etc.), other measurable benefits

After communicating with Dr. Ross, the feedback from our patients was more than impressive.

Over 90% of patients who have contacted Dr. Ross say it was a new, modern, and innovative way to make an appointment.

Patients’ positive feedback is based on the opportunity to make an appointment and get access to the information they need with just a few clicks.
As for the staff, we undoubtedly have 100% satisfaction with the adaptation and implementation of the Chatbot. With its help, our team has enough free time to focus on other tasks that could contribute to the development of the business.

The attached data shows that the main contingent of active users of our services in 2019 is women - about 81.37%. This type of detailed analysis gives us clear information on how we could develop our advertising strategies in the future.