Tourist agency TEZ Tour – Chatbot Case Study

TEZ TOUR - Tourist agency

TEZbot: hundreds of saved working hours and thousands of timely served customers

Author: Romina Lepoeva
Position: Marketing department
Company: TEZ TOUR - Tourist agency
About the company

TEZ Tour is an international travel company organizing trips in Bulgaria and abroad.

On the Bulgarian market, the company offers charter programs, and not only, to various destinations, including Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Tunisia, Cyprus, Spain, Dubai, Thailand, Russia and exotic islands - Santorini, Mauritius, Phuket, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Tenerife, and Palma de Mallorca. TEZ TOUR flights depart from Sofia and Varna to be as convenient as possible for tourists from all over Bulgaria.

For people who prefer the beauties of Bulgaria, the tour operator offers holidays in Bulgaria for summer and winter. TEZ Tour offers some of the best hotels, with which there is a long-term partnership of fruitful work with hundreds of foreign tourists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, arriving throughout the summer season at the airports of Varna and Bourgas. The resorts in Bulgaria from the catalog of TEZ Tour are Bansko, Borovets, Sunny Beach, Obzor, St. St. Constantine and Helena, Elenite, Golden Sands, Nessebar, Pomorie, Ravda, Saint Vlas, Sozopol and much more!


Messages on Facebook and the chat on the website became so numerous that they took an average of 4 to 6 working hours from the time of 1 person per 8 hours of wor

  • Over 4200 unique customers
  • Nearly 30,000 replied messages
  • Over 1100 successful inquiries
  • Over 700 customers subscribed to the newsletter
  • Saved: an average of 12 minutes per customer (over 850 working hours)

The implementation of TEZbot is most useful for 2 departments in TEZ Tour - "Reservations" and "Marketing". In one department the staff communicates directly with tourists, gives information, and makes reservations, and in the other, they take care to promote the company's products in all channels and keep up-to-date information everywhere.

With TEZBot no time is wasted in conversations with clients for information about standard procedures, which is available on the website such as methods of payment, how to make reservations, necessary documents, visa requirements, and more. Also, no time is wasted in obtaining all the necessary information for preparing a travel offer, where the steps are over 15. TEZbot provides extremely convenient information to staff and customers. It is the link and transmits information accurately, clearly, and conveniently. The chatbot also collects many emails from direct customers upon their choice, which are used in email marketing afterward.

Messages on Facebook and the chat on the website became so numerous that they took an average of 4 to 6 working hours from the time of 1 person per 8 hours of work.

1 person from the Marketing Department, instead of being occupied with tasks that require higher skills, had to chat with customers, make offers, collect inquiry information, and general information from customers.

Since the communication was done by a person, the answers were not instant and there were often delays. This was not good either for customers who have already given up or were not comfortable writing at the time, or for the company:

potentially lost customers or lost working hours of the employee chatting, also due to the many "fake" inquiries aimed only at information, but not a potential reservation.

The described communication trends would lead to one person being paid to engage in "chatting" on a daily basis instead of using their potential in another business area, or alternatively several people engaging in this - a task that no one wants to do because it is very time-consuming and valuable time is lost, which can be used for more important tasks in the company.

Identified risks when using a chatbot:

Sometimes people do not understand that this is a chatbot, get angry and react aggressively. They encounter technical difficulties in sending an inquiry through the bot. They cannot get all their questions answered. As of now, the bot does not provide information about reservations already made.

The main reason for choosing a chatbot as a solution to the problems:

The team was motivated by all the above - almost 1 job position was saved for the company!

In addition, changes to the content of the bot and short messages can be made instantly, which is useful to advertise/emphasize a product or to provide important information concerning both customers and the company!

The main tasks set before the TEZBot chatbot are:

  • Assistance on the way to make reservations
  • Collection of information for inquiries
  • Providing general information about destinations, visa requirements, telephone numbers, company addresses
  • Providing links to the website - traffic is sent to the website
  • Collection of data, emails, customer phones, statistics, and frequently asked questions from people.
  • Available to customers - around the clock!
  • Customers do not wait to receive information

Main benefits of using a chatbot to communicate with TEZ Tour customers:

The work of the Reservations department is much easier and the chatbot saves time. Instead of customers calling on the phone and taking at least 10 minutes or writing an email and being answered (on average 10 minutes), they use the chatbot. The staff receives a final and accurate request and sends an offer directly.

There has been an increase in direct end customers with requests to the company, which are generally a small part of the total tourist flow.

Customer benefits:

  • High response to messages on Facebook, which predisposes people to write knowing that they will receive an instant response
  • Increase customer satisfaction by receiving a response immediately. Sometimes customers respond to TEZBot with "Thank you" after receiving the information
  • Transparency and clarity in information
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Benefits of using the chatbot for business and staff:

  • Saves time to the company for 1 job position
  • Makes the work of the Marketing department and especially of the Reservation department much easier
  • Save time for assisting customers using chat on Facebook or on the website
  • Trends in chats and inquiries are monitored
  • Fake profiles are screened
  • It is easy to check what happened if a problem occurs, with access to the chat history
  • There is a database with all inquiries – for which destination they are, from whom they are, who from the team processes them.

TEZBot in numbers (for 10 months of work):

  • Over 4200 customers have communicated with the bot one or more times
  • Nearly 30,000 replied messages, an average of 140 to 350 messages per day on busy days
  • Over 1100 successful inquiries
  • Over 700 customers subscribed to the newsletter
  • The night duty officer in the team: processed inquiries between 19:00-8:00 - on average 35% of all inquiries (night peak in communication with the chatbot 20:00-23:00)
  • Saved: an average of 12 minutes per customer in the Marketing Department and in the Reservations Department or over 850 working hours to the staff

"(Before TEZBot) the customer messages were much less than now and it took me half a working day to respond to each message along with all my other obligations. I can say that instead of 2 people in the Marketing department, we are now 3 - with the chatbot.”

Romina Lepoeva, Marketing Department, TEZTour