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Questions and answers for the chatbot


The chatbot is a software solution, that imitates a conversation with a human, communicate with the client and answers the frequently asked questions trough text-blocks, videos, images, links and other elements. In the same time it automate other processes trough integration with external applications, software programs and platforms.

The most common place for integration for the chatbot is Facebook of the business, The Webpage of the business, Messenger and Viber. The most used chatbot is the Q&A one. The Q&A chatbot can be also called interactive Q&A, or mini-website within the Messenger, Viber, etc.

According to the forecasts of the analytics in the next few years, the chatbots will be having a leading position in the communication with the business – ahead websites, mobile applications, emails and phone calls.

Because of the integration possibilities of the chatbot (Messenger, Viber, etc) – it is handy to the client without installing additional programs and applications and without learning needed. The chatbot is available 24/7 and provides the information as easy as writing an SMS to a friend or family.

The chatbot is activated by:

  • A question to the business in Messenger or in the website (if integrated),
  • By a link / QR-code, sent in an email, Messenger, SMS or a posting in the social medias,
  • By scanning QR-code from the business card or any other printed media.

That way the clients can reach the business or product basically immediately – during the time or after the initial communication.

As a software solution, the chatbot exists since 1966, however more businesses started implementing it after 2006-2008. Since 2015 the messengers are the straightforward approach for communication between the people, which made them the most popular channel for communication, and gave a core for development of chatbots, making them financially efficient, effective and easy to use.

The forecasts are that in 2020 nearly 80% of the business will be using chatbots for serving their customers. The leading industries for using the chatbots will be:

  • E-Commerce,
  • Healthcare,
  • Banks & Insurance companies,
  • Hospitality and services sectors,
  • Retail companies and other.

Almost everything you ask him to do. The technology allows the chatbot to „communicate“ and share information with other applications, programs and platforms – from Google calendar, email and cloud to other calendars, webinar software, platforms for email services and direct marketing, different CRM systems, Customer Support, databases , dashboards, documents, forms, social networks and other.

With other words, the question is – what do you want the chatbot to do for you. What is the position that you want to “hire” him for in your team?

Short list of things a chatbot can do (ideas and inspiration)

  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Sort clients based on different criteria and provide the correct information for a product or a service
  • Fill in polls, and entertain with different games and quizes
  • Schedule and appointment
  • Generate a reservation
  • Send useful information
  • Can be used for learning
  • Help the HR to communicate with the staff
  • Informs for loyal client programs and provide information for this target group
  • Sell real estate and other.

The chatbot comes with a lot of benefits, not only for the clients but for the business as well:

  • Answer clients requests as soon as they arrive with the correct information
  • Let the business to completely control the quality of the provided information.
  • Talks one or more languages
  • Can talk with thousands clients simultaneously, 24/7
  • Save a lot of work/hours of the staff
  • Saves money for serving clients – through resource saving and human time
  • Helps businesses optimize staff performance – more tasks done for the same time
  • Easy to use
  • Increases customer satisfaction – receive information or service when requested and in convenient format, regardless of your location, business hours or daytime without a language barrier.
  • Provides new marketing and sales opportunities – the chatbot as a good member of your team is always ready to offer the customer the right service or product.

Do you know that: 90% of banks will introduce by 2020 the chatbots for communication because they have calculated that they are saving at least $ 0.70 and 4+ minutes of man-time from every conversation with a client through a chatbot that will generate $ 8 billion in savings in 2020.

Because of places it is integrated in – the messengers. The customers are having a higher degree of confidence in the information they receive through the chatbot, and they also consider it the easiest way to communicate with business.

Over the past few years, the digital customer behavior has changed dramatically, making the chatbots the most convenient way to communicate:

  • 50.6% of customers believe that business should be available 24/7 for communication;
  • 50% of customers prefer communication within messenger instead of email, phone or SMS
  • The average openness of the email is about 20% and the chatbot messages are 84.3% (up to 97% in some countries)
  • 3.3% of the people clicks on links in an email, and in a chatbot the percentage is 28.3%
  • For 53% of customers, the possibility to “chat” with the businesses is important when searching for and choosing a service or product
  • 66% of customers prefer to solve their own service or product problem without the involvement of business staff and think that the chatbot makes this to happen more easily and faster.

The pricing of the chatbot is determined by:

  • How many people are expected to communicate with him in a month
  • How many languages will the chatbot talk on (at the moment we can provide 3 – Bulgarian, Russian and English, free of charge for translation)
  • How much and what kind of information the chatbot will contain
  • Will there be integrations with external applications, programs and platforms
  • What communication problem business wants to solve or process to automate

** We “educate” and build up the chatbot on a monthly basis – based on unanswered questions and news, additional business information, and other information included in the monthly administration and maintenance fee..

Looking for an innovative solution for your business – financially profitable, easy to use and effective. You are ready to optimize processes and activities in your business.

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