Plovdiv City Concierge: the Ultimate Assistant to Chat with and Experience Plovdiv

City Concierge is an AI-powered city chatbot like a virtual Tourist Office in the mobile. It is there for the visitors 24/7 in Messenger and provides information about the city Point of Interests – the best to see, do and experience.

It is helpful on-the-go with real-time data about the weather, air quality, exchange calculator and more.

Chat with the city to feel home in every town you go to!
Never miss a Point of Interest!


All the information you need in the city in one place

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Tourists and visitors can search information by category and location, or by keyword, or simply ask question about restaurants, entertainment, sightseeing, shopping, transportation and other

In cooperation with In Your Pocket Bulgaria

For the business

Plovdiv City Concierge keeps developing. If your business is not yet presented in the assistant, you can change this.

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Category & Location

Easy search of venues and info through button navigation in the chatbot categories and by location


The shortest way to get an answer is to write a keywords or ask a simple question

Pop-up with details

Info about the business, hours of operations, contacts, address and location on Google map all gathered convenient in pop-ups


Menu with shortcuts to search for venue or to get helpful information at the beginning of the day

Fun and Helpful

The chatbot offers the weather prognoses, the air quality, a currency calculator, the horoscope for the day

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