Umni’s chatbot Boris was listed in Impact Ventures Mapping Report 2020

The children’s educational chat “Boris”, a project by Umni and “Bio Games” was listed in the first for Bulgaria mapping report of all social businesses, presented by PrEXCELerator Bulgaria.

BULGARIA: Impact Ventures Mapping Report 2020 is compiled and published by PrEXCELerator Bulgaria in partnership with Impact Hub Vienna and NEXTFLOOR Venture Capital Services.

A brief presentation of the report can be viewed at

The Umni team thanks PrEXCELerator Bulgaria for the invitation to participate in the mapping and the high appraisal of Boris as an initiative in the field of educational technologies.

Umni in Trending Topics list for “rising stars”

The Austrian online media team in Bulgaria, Trending Topics, publishes its list of new companies that have emerged in the last 1-2 years and have been successful in 2019.

According to the media, these are companies, which is well worth watching in the next 2020 year, and the #Umni team is happy to see our company name on the “siring stars” list as well.

The Big Trending Topics Voting: Who Is The Newcomer Of 2019 Article Should We Closely Watch In 2020? you can see here:

Umni has been listed in an international report on AI startups in Bulgaria

Trending Topics Bulgaria, an innovation journalism platform, published the results from an international report on trends and development of the eco-system for machine-learning and artificial intelligence in our country.

Umni is noted as one of the 32 startups in our country, developing solutions using AI. The International Report “AI ecosystem in Bulgaria” was produced by SeeNews (business and market research in CEE) and an international consulting company in the field of innovation Vangavis.

In the material you will find more details about the presentation of Umni. Which are the three hottest sectors in our country, the main areas of specialization, statistics and results:

The report “AI ecosystem in Bulgaria” you can see here:

Spa hotel Medicus with a chatbot from UMNI

The family of Umni’s virtual assistants grew up with another member – the Chatbot of Medicus Spa Hotel

The hotel’s chatbot serves in two languages, and its services include:

  • Provides assistance in choosing a room and making a reservation
  • Explains the payment options, conditions, and details in case of cancellation
  • Provides detailed information about the restaurant and bar
  • Details about the SPA center and services, sports activities, services, parking and location, group offers
  • Explains what is the working time of all departments in the hotel
  • Facilitates direct connection to the hotel reception

Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library – Varna has trusted UMNI

Umni created the virtual librarian assistant Elly, who is part of the team of the Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library – Varna.

Assistant Elly reveals the capabilities of chatbot technology to help stream the information and overall communication between readers and the Pencho Slaveikov Regional Library – Varna.

You can ask Elly about:

  • Information about the library services
  • Check for availability or reload a book
  • information about all departments in the library and their working hours
  • Search for a book by a title
  • Direct connection to the library

The First Bulgarian Singer with Chatbot – Powered by Umni

What is common between the Bulgarian singer Djina Stoeva and Shakira, Aerosmith, 50 Cents, Maroon 5, Paul McCartney and Katy Perry?

They all have chatbots to communicate with their fans. Djina is the 1st Bulgarian singer to digitize her communication in Messenger and her followers can find there information about her performance, just to be curious about her life or even to invite her to their private party – all of this available 24/7. Djina’s virtual assistant ( is powered by Umni.

Djina and our CEO Elitza Stoilova talked with the anchor Ivaylo Lakov in the studio of the business show “Club Investor” (Bloomberg TV) about the software solution and how it helps not only the singer but could be used successfully by any business, about AI and shall people be afraid of the artificial intelligence, is it possible to argue with chatbot and other subjects.

The record of the show is available below, or you can read the summary on the Bloomberg TV (Bulgaria) website here:

Umni on the Air of “TV Europe”: The Chatbot benefits

Interview TV Evropa

The CEO of Umni, Elitza Stoilova, was guest in the studio of the “Business Daily” program with anchor Dimitar Vuchev for 15-minutes chat on the air about the benefits the virtual assistants bring to the business.

Elitza surprised Dimitar with the fact that the first chatbot was made in 1966 and according some new publications, the annual savings from using chatbots in several industries as insurance, finance, sales and customer services are expected to rich 174 billion dollars.

Should people be afraid loosing jobs due to automation, what is the chatbot role in the smart city, which businesses and industries will benefit the most from using virtual assistants – find out the answers on these and other questions in the interview here

Umni turns 1 year – Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Umni!

Today we can share our story for the past 1 year as a time that brought us great clients, virtual assistant projects that truly help the business, and better recognition of our Umni brand.

We led lectures, participated in panels and conferences, talk to media – TV, radio and press, about the benefits the virtual assistant bring to business, employees and customers, and we believe that chatbots are used more and more locally and discussed as a business tool because of our efforts to spread the word.

We are proud to be part of the portfolio our first investors, the Canadian fund Loyal VC.

Behind the Umni success for the past 1 year stays not only the hard work of our small Umni team – we are a family, but also the help and support of our friends: the directors and mentors of The Founder Institute accelerator, our clients who trusted us, the people, who believed in us and our ideas, and recommended Umni as a partner. We are so grateful to you, thank you!

Happy birthday, Umni!

Umni, Chatbots and Dr. Ross in the News of TV+

Interview TV+

The Bulgarian TV station TV+ showcased this Sunday in its news a story by the reporter Silvia Jordanova about the chatbots and how they help the business and the customers worldwide. The reporter interviewed the Umni CEO Elitza Stoilova and Dr. Rositsa Dencheva, the owner of Dermatology clinic Reverse, about  the usage of chatbots in healthcare and how the chatbot Dr. Ross, powered by Umni, helps the patients and the staff of the clinic. This story is in Bulgarian.

Umni in the Focus of the Top LA Podcast Women in Tech for Valentine’s day

Last Autumn the popular tech podcast featuring Women in Tech took interview with our CEO Elitza Stoilova about the Umni journey from an idea to a successful business.
The #womenintech Podcast is hosted by WeAreLATech’s Espree Devora and features inspiring Women in Tech from Engineers, Female Founders, Investors, UX and UI Designers, Journalists all sharing their story how they got to where they are today. The purpose of the show is for every listener to walk away feeling ‘If She Can Do It So Can I’. It is also the 1st podcast focused on LA startups ranked #2 in all of iTunes “New & Noteworthy”. Although the interview about Elitza and Umni was published now – several customers and successful projects, and one investment later, it is about the challenges a startup founder goes through and about the vision and the mindset to succeed that makes you different.

Women in Tech took interview with our CEO Elitza Stoilova about the Umni journey from an idea to a successful business

Source: #womenintech

Umni at the BW Startup Summit

On February 1st 2019 Umni participated with its own booth at the BW Start-up Summit in Stuttgart, Germany, as a member of the delegation of countries neighboring Danube river.

Our company was invited by The Accelerator, a European program for developing entrepreneurship in Danube river countries.

The 2nd start-up summit was organized by the Ministry of Economy of Baden-Wurttemberg and supported by L-Bank, and it gathered close to 400 startups from Germany and other countries, angel investors, VC funds, accelerators and other organizations and businesses interested in the startup ecosystem development.

New Functionalities (Modules) Released in UmniBot

This summer the Umni team worked on enhancing the variety of offered functionalities for our chatbots.

We developed and can now offer in our chatbots the implementation of such necessary for the business modules as a reservation module (with available API of a reservation system), a search in a database, contact with the staff (live-chat with notification of the business) and others. In addition, we now offer useful modules as pre-recorded voice answers, a secret section – a section with limited access to information, weather forecast, currency calculator, zodiac forecast (currently English only), “your luck for the day” and others.

Chatbot became an employee of the month. His twin started working locally

Edward, the chatbot of the Radisson Blue Edwardian Hotels chain, is one of the most famous hotel chatbots. This is not because it was the subject of many case studies, but due to its popularity among clients of the chain. Look yourself: nominations for the best employee of the month, personal tips left for him at the Front Desk and even proposal for a marriage that followed a guest question “Do you have a girlfriend?” Edward replies to 16,000 questions about 14 hotels. For a human being it is impossible to handle the same volume of information.

The Umnibot is the mirror Bulgarian project of the British Edward and although it is 2 years younger than the servant from the island, it pushes hard to achieve the same level of skills.

BTA (Bulgarian Telegraph Agency) UMNI Press Conference

One more Umni’s public appearance. This time it was a participation in a conference at BTA as a member of the north-west Bulgaria project by Danube Transnational Program. The Umni startup was represented by Elitza Stoilova – the company CEO. In front of reporters from press, radio, and TV, Elitza spoke about the history of the company, what is a chatbot and why businesses today shall pay attention to this software solution for communication with clients.

Europe TV: Smart technology connects Bulgarian hotels with customers

Interview Europe TV

The business continues to seek for the quickest way to communicate with customers that could help them at any time… This inspired the idea about chatbot – an automated system for communication between hotels and their clients. Elitza Stoilova: “My favorite example is the bot Edward of one big hotel chain in England. It was launched in May two years ago (2016) and was able to answer 180 questions. Two years later, the bot replies to 16,000 questions about 14 hotels and was adopted in such degree into the communication with clients that clients themselves, however warned that they communicated with a software solution, forgot about it and even look for him (actually it) at Front Desk to thank him for his service, leave for him envelops with tips. “Edward” was twice nominated by customers for the Best Employee of the Month and even got one engagement proposal.

Bloomberg TV: How artificial intelligence change hospitality

Bloomberg TV: Interview

“The major technology that has the strongest effect either on customer’s life during his or her stay in hotel or hotel itself is an artificial intelligence”.
Its entrance into hospitality industry changes the industry mode of operation on a system level.
Artificial intelligence allows to make by quickest way the most optimal exclusive customized decisions for the clients and the business”. That was stated by Elitza Stoilova – the founder of the Umni startup and former hotel general manager on Mariana islands in Pacific in the program Business Start by Hristo Nikolov.”

Chatbots – 10 ways to benefit the business

Chatbot benefit not just clients but also the business and its employees;

  • Replies on client’s inquiry instantly, explicitly and professionally giving business full control on quality and content of presented information
  • Communicates with customers in one or more languages;
  • Can communicate with many clients at once 24/7;
  • Safes personnel’s working time;
  • Reduces expenses on communication by saving resources and working hours;
  • Assists business to optimize a personnel performance allowing it to perform more tasks in given time;
  • Easy to use;
  • Increases the level of customer satisfaction by providing information in a client friendly format with no regards to business location, its operational hours or the time of the day and language barrier;
  • Increases personnel’s level of satisfaction (confidence);
  • Provides new opportunities in marketing and sales – Chatbot, as the loyal member of your team, always is ready to propose to client appropriate service or product;