AI chatbots – solutions for the urban environment

After the great interest and positive feedback on our conversation in Radio Sofia about the 5 most interesting projects with artificial intelligence (in our opinion), at the beginning of January we had another conversation with the radio anchor Lilia Goleminova – this time about the use of AI in urban areas “smartening up” cities and public services, and sharing interesting examples of technology application around the globe.

Chatbots with artificial intelligence have their place in the cities both as digital assistants to help citizens in various institutions and as a tool for communication of citizens with the digital infrastructure of the city.

We thank Radio Sofia for the invitation to Umni to hold these 2 radio interviews.

Umni about AI chatbots in the BloombergTV podcast

The first episode for 2021 of the technology podcast Update on BloombergTV hosted by Elena Kirilova was dedicated to artificial intelligence chatbots.

For a 30-minute conversation on the topic, what are the trends, how the pandemic affected the implementation and use of chatbots with artificial intelligence, how the business perceives new technologies, and many more questions, the presenter asked on the air our CEO, Elitza Stoilova.

According to the latest research, investment in artificial intelligence projects will increase by 30% this year. Using conversational AI chatbots will be a major topic for businesses.

We expect more and more companies to realize that in order to have successful full-grown virtual employees in the face of their “smart” chatbots in a year from now and to achieve the desired business results, today is the day to lay the foundations of such a project for their business.

The podcast can be heard on Spotify, as well as on the websites of BloombergTV and

A chat about AI in the Radio Sofia air

In the last hours of 2020, the Umni team spent 10 minutes talking on Radio Sofia on “the most interesting projects in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020.

AI is applied in absolutely all walks of life and people use the conveniences generated by AI on a daily basis, therefore choosing our Top 5 project has not been easy. We decided to focus on a little more curious and unexpected projects, which are talked about and written about in 2020 …

What are they you will learn from the recording of the conversation on the radio with the CEO of Umni, Elitza Stoilova (in Bulgarian, with a brief written review on the conversation).

We thank Radio Sofia for the invitation to Umni, for such an interesting topic and positive feedback.

We will be happy to continue the talks on artificial intelligence in life and business.

The smart library chatbot by Umni in the TV news about AI

In its news report, Nova TV illustrated the news about the concept adopted by the government for artificial intelligence in Bulgaria with the virtual assistant librarian Eli – the smart chatbot of the Varna Regional Library and a joint project of the library and the Umni team.

During the pandemic, Eli proved its potential to help librarians not only by automating frequently asked questions but also by reassigning books. We are very glad that this project was chosen to illustrate in practice the use of conversational AI for the benefit of business and consumers in our country – innovation does not belong to specific industries, but to the people who work in them, and the Varna Regional Library continues to be a leader in digitization and innovation.

Umni has been listed in an international report on AI startups in Bulgaria

Trending Topics Bulgaria, an innovation journalism platform, published the results from an international report on trends and development of the eco-system for machine-learning and artificial intelligence in our country.

Umni is noted as one of the 32 startups in our country, developing solutions using AI. The International Report “AI ecosystem in Bulgaria” was produced by SeeNews (business and market research in CEE) and an international consulting company in the field of innovation Vangavis.

In the material you will find more details about the presentation of Umni. Which are the three hottest sectors in our country, the main areas of specialization, statistics and results:

The report “AI ecosystem in Bulgaria” you can see here: