The smart digital assistant is a long term business project

Umni was featured in the blog of ABC Design & Communication with an interview about fewer know facts and information about chatbots by the business.

Just to highlight one of the messages our CEO Elitza Stoilova delivered:

The first and very important thing is that the chatbot is not a plug-and-play solution.

A good chatbot can start at a very basic level when users just click on the buttons in it, but this is the stage where feedback is collected on how users use it and what they are looking for to identify the future direction of chatbot development.

Chatbots are long-term projects that require attention, analysis, and upgrades so that one day a business can have a fully-developed “smart” digital assistant. The chatbot itself provides feedback on customer behavior in it, which is important for making informed intelligent decisions.

For more on this and other topics, check the blog post here:

Umni with case study in Bulgarian Robotics Report’20

PARA – Professional Association of Robotics and Automation has published its 3rd annual review report from the series “Bulgarian success stories in robotics and automation” for successfully implemented projects in the country in 2020. We are happy to share that PARA included a project of Umni’s in its report, in the services automation section. The activity of our company was reflected with a case study for one of our successful chatbot projects for the international travel company TEZTour.

In 10 months of operation, the company’s chatbot exceeded expectations with the help of both customers and staff and the benefits for the business:

  • Over 4,200 visitors
  • Nearly 30,000 replies
  • Over 1,100 successful applications
  • Over 700 customers subscribed to news
  • Saved: an average of 12 minutes per customer (over 850 operating hours)

Smart chatbot with LifeChat – the next level in customer service

Chatbot + conversational AI + live chat is the perfect combination for a company when it wants to provide customers with a successful digital self-service tool. With the new functionality in Umni’s platform – live chat module, available to our customers from February ’21, our company not only achieved another milestone in its offers but provides businesses with the opportunity to have a balanced, convenient, fast, and successful customer service.

The chatbot takes over that part of the service where the users can self-service on topics and tasks, predefined and accessible through navigation in the chatbot.

Conversational AI is turned on when the user asks a question. The more users ask the smarter and richer the conversational AI module becomes, and the more topics and questions it can handle without staff intervention, 24/7.

When the user has not found the information he is looking for or it is not available in the bot and in his AI module, or if there is a complex case in which a conversation with a business representative is necessary, then it is time to turn on and use the live chat module in the bot. After activating the live chat by the user, the bot sends a notification to the business about a customer waiting to be assisted by the staff in the chat. All communication with the client takes place through the chat in the Umni’s platform, where the staff can track all conversations with clients, turn on or off the live chat for a specific client, send text, images, and links, create their own “library” of ready answers for faster communication with customers and other settings.

The live chat module in Umni’s platform saves time and resources, it is fast and easy to use, and communicate through it brings satisfaction to both customers and staff.

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Umni with a speech about AI in tourism for the conference AI AND THE DIGITAL ECONOMY

The two-days online conference “AI AND THE DIGITAL ECONOMY | Shaping Bulgaria’s Digital Future” was organized on the 27th and 28th of January by the Digital National Coalition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Diplomatic Institute.

The final panel of the conference discussed the use of artificial intelligence in the key industries for Bulgaria, including travel and tourism. was honored to share in a 10-minute speech about the need to use solutions based on artificial intelligence in tourism for both businesses in the industry and at the destination level.

Data collection, processing and use for management and marketing purposes, customer communication and feedback, personalization of the customer experience, and customer service tools were the focus of our speech. is the only company in Bulgaria that gathers more than 20 years of practical experience in hospitality and tourism with the experience and practice in creating solutions using conversational AI in this industry, the Umni smart chatbots.

Umni featured in the book “Startup in BG-2”

After the success of his first book “Startup in BG” about his path and challenges as an entrepreneur, the author Kaloyan Kirilov wrote a sequel – “Startup in BG – 2”, which collected the stories of 12 startups and scaleups and the views of their founders on various issues related with the creation and development of a company from an idea.

Chapter 10 is dedicated to, which is not only one of the youngest companies on the list, but also the only company with a female co-founder in the book.

We thank Kaloyan for the invitation to include in his second book. His new book is already in the bookstores, we wish him success!

Umni offers integration with Fitsys: sports and beauty

Chatbot integrations help automate various business/communication tasks and improve customer service, 24/7.

Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms, are booking an appointment for service, booking a room, checking status, and synchronizing information between the chatbot and other systems that offer API.

fitsys integration calendar

From this year, Umni offers an integration of a chatbot with Fitsys, a management system for aesthetic dermatology clinics, beauty salons, sports clubs, yoga, and wellness.

After selecting the procedure for which the client wants to make an appointment, the chatbot offers the option to select a date and shows all available hours for the respective procedure to make a reservation.

The integration is fully automated between the Umni chatbot and Fitsys and does not require human intervention, which allows the customer to self-service and make a reservation through the chatbot fast, easy, and at any time.

Umni offers integration for hotels with BookOnlineNow

Chatbot integrations help automate various business/communication tasks and improve customer service, 24/7.

Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms, are booking an appointment for service, booking a room, checking status, and synchronizing information between the chatbot and other systems that offer API.

Umni offers this year integration of a chatbot with BookOnlineNow, a reservation system for hotels and accommodation used by over 2,500 businesses worldwide.

The chatbot collects the necessary search criteria for possible accommodation options, and the integration allows the display of specific rooms, prices, and other information.

bookonlinenow result

The integration of Umni chatbot with BookOnlineNow is fully automated and does not require human intervention, which allows the customer to self-service and make a reservation through the chatbot fast, easy, and at any time.

AI chatbots – solutions for the urban environment

After the great interest and positive feedback on our conversation in Radio Sofia about the 5 most interesting projects with artificial intelligence (in our opinion), at the beginning of January we had another conversation with the radio anchor Lilia Goleminova – this time about the use of AI in urban areas “smartening up” cities and public services, and sharing interesting examples of technology application around the globe.

Chatbots with artificial intelligence have their place in the cities both as digital assistants to help citizens in various institutions and as a tool for communication of citizens with the digital infrastructure of the city.

We thank Radio Sofia for the invitation to Umni to hold these 2 radio interviews.

Umni about AI chatbots in the BloombergTV podcast

The first episode for 2021 of the technology podcast Update on BloombergTV hosted by Elena Kirilova was dedicated to artificial intelligence chatbots.

For a 30-minute conversation on the topic, what are the trends, how the pandemic affected the implementation and use of chatbots with artificial intelligence, how the business perceives new technologies, and many more questions, the presenter asked on the air our CEO, Elitza Stoilova.

According to the latest research, investment in artificial intelligence projects will increase by 30% this year. Using conversational AI chatbots will be a major topic for businesses.

We expect more and more companies to realize that in order to have successful full-grown virtual employees in the face of their “smart” chatbots in a year from now and to achieve the desired business results, today is the day to lay the foundations of such a project for their business.

The podcast can be heard on Spotify, as well as on the websites of BloombergTV and

A chat about AI in the Radio Sofia air

In the last hours of 2020, the Umni team spent 10 minutes talking on Radio Sofia on “the most interesting projects in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020.

AI is applied in absolutely all walks of life and people use the conveniences generated by AI on a daily basis, therefore choosing our Top 5 project has not been easy. We decided to focus on a little more curious and unexpected projects, which are talked about and written about in 2020 …

What are they you will learn from the recording of the conversation on the radio with the CEO of Umni, Elitza Stoilova (in Bulgarian, with a brief written review on the conversation).

We thank Radio Sofia for the invitation to Umni, for such an interesting topic and positive feedback.

We will be happy to continue the talks on artificial intelligence in life and business.

Umni with a webinar for World Tourism Network

Umni held a webinar for the audience of the World Tourism Network – a global network of hospitality professionals, as part of the WTN Launch and Expo program.

The webinar was focused on AI chatbots as an anticrisis solution in hospitality. We are glad we had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in using conversational AI for chatbots in hospitality. The more customers and businesses are using it, the smarter and more beneficial AI will be to them. It is a truly exciting time for hospitality as the disruption the pandemic brought to this industry is an opportunity to skyrocket it through technology to Tourism 4.0.

The smart library chatbot by Umni in the TV news about AI

In its news report, Nova TV illustrated the news about the concept adopted by the government for artificial intelligence in Bulgaria with the virtual assistant librarian Eli – the smart chatbot of the Varna Regional Library and a joint project of the library and the Umni team.

During the pandemic, Eli proved its potential to help librarians not only by automating frequently asked questions but also by reassigning books. We are very glad that this project was chosen to illustrate in practice the use of conversational AI for the benefit of business and consumers in our country – innovation does not belong to specific industries, but to the people who work in them, and the Varna Regional Library continues to be a leader in digitization and innovation.

Umni In Scotland directory for technology solutions

Umni was included in an interactive directory, created to help tourism businesses with ideas, recommendations, and solutions for faster recovery. The directory has been created by people in the industry and includes a list of companies that offer technology solutions, from Scotland, the rest of the UK, and the world.

The companies offer various digital solutions from online ticketing and creating podcasts, to app development and social distancing solutions. Umni is presented with solutions for hotels, tour operators, and other businesses in this industry with the implementation of conversational AI.

Umni with a booth at the prestigious Forum Real Conference and Exhibition

Umni will be one of the exhibitors at the prestigious exhibition and conference for construction, innovation, real estate, and investment in Bulgaria, “Forum Real”, from 3 to 5 December’12. The virtual exhibition is among the leaders as the largest exhibition for real estate, investment, construction, and innovation in Bulgaria, with hundreds of exhibitors and over 30,000 participants. Market trends will be presented, debated, and analyzed at the conference.

In addition to a virtual stand, Umni will be presented on 4.12.20 at 10:00 in a panel on “Will the cities of the future be smarter after Covid 19?“, at which the CEO of Umni Elitza Stoilova will be the moderator.

Forum Real presents Who’s Who from the real estate and investment industry in Bulgaria.

👉 Forum Real 👈

Umni mission featured at Personal Brand Stories

An international consulting company for PR and Communications Balanced Communicator presented in its story cycle about inspiring business founders, Personal Brand Stories, the co-founder of Umni, Elitza Stoilova.

Elitza’s personal story, her vision of technology in people’s lives, and her motivation for development were shared in the social media accounts of the company. Balanced Communicator tell stories of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and professionals passionate about and dedicated to their mission.

Balanced Communicator

Umni webinar about AI chatbots at the invitation of ABTTA

At the invitation of ABTTA, the Umni team held a webinar for travel agents and tour operators on “AI Chatbot – an assistant on three fronts: marketing, reservations, customer support.”

Participants learned about current customer behavior changes caused by the pandemic, what a chatbot is and how it is used for marketing and sales, how adding conversational AI improves customer service, and why now is a good time to implement an AI chatbot.

Umni shared with the participants’ additional resources such as reports, researches, and other readings on the topic as well as some tips and good practices for using AI chatbot for business.

Umni in panel about tech in tourism in “Holiday Spa & Expo’20”

Umni participated in a panel on “The role of technology and innovation in the new tourist reality” during the winter edition of “Holiday Spa & Expo’20”.

Representatives of businesses-providers of technological solutions for the tourism industry spoke about the need for digitalization, automation, and robotics in tourism at this time to help get out of the crisis faster and how different technologies help businesses and customers. Umni talked about the benefits of AI chatbots for hotels, travel agents, and other travel businesses.

👉 A record of the panel can be seen here 👈

Umni featured with lecture at the 1st international PropTech conference in Bulgaria

Umni was one of the featured companies at the Hot Topic Atelier during the 1st international PropTech event in South-East Europe, PropTech Bulgaria 2020 on 04.11.20.

Umni had a lecture about the usage of chatbots in real estate. At first glance, AI chatbots are not associated with proptech, but when you think: customer services, communication, management, chatting with systems, and giving platforms option to give customers written or voice answers or feedback, then you would see where chatbots stand. Chatbots are not a novelty in real estate and we hope to see them used even more!

We are proud to stand among the speakers from all over Europe, South Korea, Singapore, and other leading in Proptech countries.

Umni accepted at Startup Spotlight

We are proud to announce that Umni was accepted and participate in the Startup Spotlight match-making program and competition.

The program helps ambitious founders to turn their early-stage startups into successful companies. Selected startups will get access to a highly-curated network of founders, investors, experts, and partners to help them reach their objectives. The program concludes with a private pitching event where the best startup will be awarded a €225K investment prize. Our team is looking forward to two months of meetings and hard work on our pitch deck. Wish us luck!

Umni with stand at Travel Academy

At the beginning of October Umni attended the VII Annual Conference Travel Academy in Sofia at the new Hyatt Regency Sofia. On October 9 and 10, over 250 hospitality professionals had the chance to learn at the Umni stand more about the chatbots for hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, and other tourism businesses.

We were pleased to find out that despite the pandemic there is increasing interest in chatbots as a solution for hospitality businesses and it can be expected for the businesses in this industry to invest in digital technologies as soon as there is a sign of recovery.