Umni with a webinar for World Tourism Network

Umni held a webinar for the audience of the World Tourism Network – a global network of hospitality professionals, as part of the WTN Launch and Expo program.

The webinar was focused on AI chatbots as an anticrisis solution in hospitality. We are glad we had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in using conversational AI for chatbots in hospitality. The more customers and businesses are using it, the smarter and more beneficial AI will be to them. It is a truly exciting time for hospitality as the disruption the pandemic brought to this industry is an opportunity to skyrocket it through technology to Tourism 4.0.

Umni webinar about AI chatbots at the invitation of ABTTA

At the invitation of ABTTA, the Umni team held a webinar for travel agents and tour operators on “AI Chatbot – an assistant on three fronts: marketing, reservations, customer support.”

Participants learned about current customer behavior changes caused by the pandemic, what a chatbot is and how it is used for marketing and sales, how adding conversational AI improves customer service, and why now is a good time to implement an AI chatbot.

Umni shared with the participants’ additional resources such as reports, researches, and other readings on the topic as well as some tips and good practices for using AI chatbot for business.

Technologies to help tourism: Umni in a BBBA webinar

The British-Bulgarian Business Association organized a webinar “Tips for Planning Business and Leisure in 2020: Future of Hospitality and Travel”.

Umni took part in the panel for innovations in tourism, where we talked about chatbots, why Gartner put them 2 months ago on the list of top 5 business solutions now and in the next 18-24 months to get out of the crisis faster, and why in June CB Insights named them as the technology that will change customer support and service in the world after the coronavirus.

Chatbots are in top 10 as an anti-crisis solution

International Business School in Sofia organized on May 22 a webinar on “COVID-19: restart in Tourism. Digital technologies and the new normal in tourism”.

The webinar focused on solutions for businesses in the field of tourism and discussed various applications of digital technologies as anti-crisis solutions. Lecturers from the academic and business circles participated in the panel with interesting and useful information.

Thanks to the organizers for the invitation, the introductory presentation of the webinar was by Elitza Stoilova from Umni about the need of using technologies in hospitality and chatbots as virtual assistants in tourism.

In April of this year, at its webinar, Gartner shared 10 guidelines for improving digital efficiency and business self-service now and in the many months of recovery ahead, and in fifth place were chatbots as a necessary communication tool.