Umni vs. Virus

We can’t help everyone, but we will help the hotels!

Free implementation of a basic hotel chatbot in Bulgarian or English and free months of maintenance support until September 01’20!

We invest our time and work in your hotel!


The AI hotel chatbot 24/7:
  • Handles requests for accommodation, dining at a restaurant, massage or any other services
  • Informs about the hotel territory and services
  • Answers over 2500 client questions instantly and “learns” on a monthly basis

The hotel chatbot from Umni is what will distinguish your hotel from the competition tomorrow!

Why chatbot now?

Someone has to work, accept requests, and respond to customers 24/7 even when no one is in the office. This is the hotel virtual assistant – the chatbot.

The crisis will pass and the customers will return. Competition after the crisis will be fierce – for customers and markets, for quality staff, and those businesses that are mobile, online, flexible, and fast, wherever the customer needs – will always be there, literally in a second, would be the successful businesses. Walk the road to success with a chatbot!

Do it now to get your business ready for tomorrow!

Join the large family of our customers with Umni Chatbots – 4-star Kamengrad Hotel and Spa, Earth and People Hotel and Spa, Medicus Spa Hotel, Belchin Garden Spa, Strimon Garden Spa Hotel, Red House and Bilkarska Guest Houses, TEZ Tour Bulgaria and more.

How to apply for this promotion?

To register for the promotion, please send us an email at with your names, email, phone, the name of the hotel/business and your position, or use the registration form.

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Works 24/7

Chatbot is available to your customers at any time of the day

Automates requests and reservations

The chatbot collects the required information and sends the information to MyBot management system

Saves employees’ time

Saves time to the staff by covering the frequently asked questions and routine customer-related activities

Provides quality information

Chatbot provides your customers with the information you want to provide

Chatbot statistics and client behavior

Provides feedback about customer behavior through MyBot chatbot management system


Russian (optional)

Talk to many clients at the same time

Chatbot can talk to many clients simultaneously on different topics

Saves customers time

The customer does not have to wait for someone to pick up the phone or answer in Messenger or by email

Answers to frequently asked questions

Automates the frequently asked questions that customers keep asking the hotel staff

Saves hotel resources

Saves valuable staff time, leading to a better customer service in activities that require staff attention


Umni Hotel is a platform is created based on our experience with hotel chatbots, from a team with hotel and tourism experience, integrated with Umni’s MyBot system


Created to help the hotel team easily manage content and inquiries through the chatbot


Always at your fingertips for better customer knowledge to improve hotel marketing and service


Messenger requests are collected and processed automatically in the MyBot mini-booking section, and the chatbot collects all the necessary information on its own. The process from requesting to booking in an instant messenger is automated in a few clicks - for the clients and for the hotel staff!


Our hotel chatbot's semantic algorithm initially contains over 375 hotel-related topics - pre-selected to help the hotel maximize content creation for its smart chatbot - in 1 or more languages.


The Umni team has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and uses it to create and maintain the hotel chat. We are with you in every step, from day 1!