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Umni Insights – Everything about your chatbot

Umni Insights is a product by Umni that gives valuable information about what is happening in your bot powered by Umni. The Umni Insights is showing you the live data straight from your chatbot.

Umni Insights can be a powerful instrument in your marketing campaign.

Here are the Umni Insights features available now.

User Behaviour

Shows all the places your customers clicked which helps identify the most popular topics in the chatbot. This can really give you valuable insight into what your visitors are more interested in.

You can also see what are the most requested topics and search terms.

InBot Now

A simple statistic showing how many users are in the chatbot now

Time in Bot

The statistic that is showing what is the bot time that is spent by the users in the chatbot for a certain period.

New Users

Number of new users that chatted with the chatbot in the selected period

Returning Users

Number of returning users that chatted with the chatbot in the selected period

Gender based statistics

  • Female users
  • Male users
  • Female user messages
  • Male user messages

Entry sources

Shows where do the users entered the chatbot from. This stat is particularly good when you want to track how many users entered from a special source (i.e. Promo link, QR code, etc.)

User Languages

User language information for the selected period. This information is collected from the settings of the user Messenger.


Shows what are the most popular timeframes when people chatted with the chatbot for a certain period.