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Chatbot – an impartial sociologist during protests

Bulgarian National Radio – Sofia covered with an interview on the topic the launch by Umni of a chatbot for public opinion survey only 24 hours after the first citizens’ vote in it.

Chatbot as a platform for public opinion gives an equal opportunity to all who want to share what they think – with a few clicks, around the clock. It has access to a potentially much larger audience because it’s on Facebook Messenger, and can spread much faster because it’s easy to share without committing people to such routine activities as phone interviews. An important feature of this otherwise very simple chatbot is the ability to provide feedback with ready survey results – in real-time!

The use of chatbots for community service is not new. Survey chatbots are used by businesses, NGOs, or government organizations to gather information on topics of public importance and feedback from citizens. In the spring, at the height of the pandemic, media spread the word about many COVID 19 chatbots informing people about the virus and how to protect themselves. There are many educational chatbots that are designed to increase people’s interest in an important topic such as the problems of different groups of people, environmental protection, endangered animal species, and others.

To share your opinion about the protests in the country using the Umni chatbot, enter the bot at this link:

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