umni covid19 scientific paper

Umni participate in scientific paper about COVID-19

An article in the field of COVID-19 and the digitalization in tourism with Umni participation was published at arXiv at Cornell University!

Thanks to Prof. Stanislav Ivanov for inviting Umni to participate in this exciting international project: how COVID-19 would impact long-term travel and tourism, the threat of biosecurity to the businesses, and the increased automation and digitalization in the industry as a result of it. We hope the article will be useful and will be a good food for thoughts not only for tourism professionals but also for businesses in other industries.

The article was prepared by the joint efforts of the academia – Prof. Stanislav Ivanov from Varna University of Management (Varna, BG) and Ass. prof. Craig Webster from Ball State University (Indiana, USA), and the business – Elitza Stoilova, CEO of Umni (Sofia, BG) and Daniel Slobodskoy, CEO of Sezam24 – Booking Analytics (Prague, Czechia).

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